Nimble Ape are looking for our first official employee(s). We’ve been building communications applications for two years now, but it’s only been me working here for that time; it’s time to expand.

So, what is a Real-Time Communications developer? A developer who understands the basics of real-time communication. We’re looking primarily for Javascript and Ruby developers but if you love writing code in something else, don’t let that dissuade you. You should probably know by now that Nimble Ape does a lot of WebRTC work, as well as integrating telephony services into web applications. Knowledge of the Adhearsion framework would definitely be a bonus.

At Nimble Ape we don’t believe in giving people labels such as “senior” or “junior”. We believe that people have different skill-sets, and that as a team we compliment each other; as one team we don’t require those titles.

We also don’t believe in the need for an office right now. That’s right; Nimble Ape is currently and will for the foreseeable future be a 100% remote team. That doesn’t mean we won’t get together often, work together often and have a laugh together often, it just means we don’t see the need to be in the same building all the time. Anyone who’s worked remotely will know the benefits to you personally in being able to have that freedom.

As a developer you’ll want to know what you’d be working on right? What we can tell you is that we don’t create products for ourselves right now, we help others build their dreams; we hope to build our own some day soon. A pledge we make to you is the ability to work on open source projects while you’re at work; you’ll be given time to work on projects you love. It all comes down to trust and respect - we hope you’ll trust and respect Nimble Ape and in return you’ll get the same.

There’s a lot to be said for joining a team when it’s still young. We don’t have a job description for the role yet; we want to work with you on that. Do you have what it takes? Send us an email to [email protected] telling us why you want to join us.