We’re super excited to announce that Callstats I/O are our second Platinum Sponsor for CommCon.

Callstats are both clients and friends of Nimble Ape. You may have seen that we’ve made a couple of shim layers for popular client SDKs for them in the past (Kurento, Twilio Video, SIPjs and JsSIP); but they’re more than clients to us here at Nimble Ape. Callstats do amazing things for the WebRTC community and so we couldn’t be happier that they’ve decided to support CommCon.

We’ve also just announced our speaking lineup on our website - we absolutely couldn’t be happier with the lineup with some of the very best and most talented people in the world.

CommCon is the 25th to the the 29th of June next year (2018); its the only Open Source RTC event in the UK and is something a little different to what you may expect from an RTC event. Tickets are now on sale but there’s a very limited supply of them so you need to be quick! We look forward to seeing you there!