The end of Twilio Programmable Video

You may have seen the news that Twilio is restructuring, which includes killing off several of its products, as announced via a press release on 4 Dec.

Along with the sad news that Twilio is letting go of 5% of its workforce, Twilio is cutting the following tools:

  • Flex
  • Segment
  • Programmable Video

What next?

Our friend Tsahi has already covered his thoughts on the matter, of which we’re mostly in agreement so there’s little to no point repeating them here - so instead why not go and read Tsahi’s analysis over on

If you’re currently using Twilio’s programmable video product, you’ll of course be on the hunt for an alternative asap and may not necessarily agree that Twilio’s recommendation of using Zoom’s Video SDK will be a good fit. We think that in most cases, it won’t give people the power, flexibility and reliability they need. So, what next?

With a sea of different software offerings in the WebRTC field, all with different pros and cons, it can feel daunting to figure out which option (or combination of options) is going to be best for your business.

Making the switch

Some things you may want to consider when it comes to selecting new software:

  • Where do you already have agreements in place, can you consolidate third parties you integrate with?
  • Do you prefer lower level access to some of the capabilities of WebRTC or do you just want to get video and audio from A to B and don’t need to know the ins and outs of how it is done?
  • Do you not really have the budget to spend time on migrating your product from one provider to another? Do you need a stop-gap measure to give you more time than Twilio’s EOL timeline gives?
  • Plus, plenty of other factors that will be specific to your business and goals

We’re here to help

Nimble Ape regularly consults on this sort of thing, we’ve been doing it for a decade in fact, and we can give solid, impartial advice, based on years of experience of building WebRTC products for clients big and small all over the globe.

We’re here to help! Tell us what your ideal scenario is, and we’ll show you how to make it a reality.

If you’re ready to talk, drop us a line on [email protected].

- Dan, Ellie and the Nimble Ape team